Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Summer fun & workout plans

Ah the joys of the summer break. I'm spending a lot of time outdoors enjoying the sunshine with my family and a lot less time inside in front of the laptop. Which is fine and exactly as it should be! I did however think I should do a little update post, after all this blog is our family journal, albeit out there for everyone to read.

So on Oscars 3rd birthday we went for a picnic at Kearsney abbey and arrived to bright sunshine.

The birthday boy
Luckily we had our picnic and played some games before the heavens opened

The boy's R/C boat built by their Uncle Rodney
So the boys couldn't sail their R/C boat on the lake
Still he had a lovely day and enjoyed all the attention.
Just 4 days later was Bailey's 8th birthday and we decided to go on our first ever camping trip! It was great fun and we all loved it.
My baby is growing up with his own wash bag and aftershave
Our new tent - christened Elvis (just so I could say Elvis has left the building!)

They were so snug all in together - that is where memories are made

I love this father - son shot

Ruby enjoyed it - I didn't enjoy her snoring!

Camping complete with birthday cake


It all got too much for someone

That has to be the warmest sleeping bag ever
We are off again in 2 weeks for 4 nights in the New Forest. So for the next 2 weeks I will be hitting it hard with the diet and exercise. I am doing JMBR kick start week which is a cardio DVD AND a workout DVD in the same day - every day. Instead of doing cardio 1 & workouts 1&2 I am going to rotate so I may do cardio 2 with workout 4, cardio 3 with workout 7 etc. as long as I do 2 a day. I am also sticking around 1200 calories.
I have been very lax with my food lately, eating things I don't normally for no good reason. Full fat cheddar, butter, biscuits, cooking with oil - I have found substitutes for all of these things that satisfy me so why when I stop focusing on my diet do I have to go back to the "fat" way of eating. These things should be a life change, there is no need to abandon it all just because I'm not paying attention.
I am off to do a cardio workout while the boys are occupied and I will do another workout when Oscar naps.
So long for now x x 

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