Thursday, 21 February 2013

30 Day shred - Day 3 - Level 3

I sooo need my lovely little children to be back at school. Trying to workout when my husband is at work with the boys here just sucks. When the older 2 are at school the toddler naps so then I can workout. I love having them home really, they just make it tough to find workout time.

But.... I did it. I may have had an audience AND a workout buddy (as soon as I figure out how to post pictures I will start adding some) Sit ups were still more like "get halfway then grab your butt to get all the way ups" ha ha As my son pointed out that is NOT how the lady on TV does it!

 7 more days of shred then I get to move onto Jillian Michael's Body Revolution. I am so impatient to start that. I will finish the shred strong though and hope to be doing full sit ups by day 30!

Food today was

Breakfast - tinned tomatoes on toast (no milk for oatmeal)

Lunch - soup, rice cakes, apple, yogurt (I have this pretty much everyday as it fills me up and is yummy, soup is almost always homemade)

Dinner - tonight I have made extra lean scotch beef burgers and sandwiched a chopped cheese string in the middle of each one. Served with spicy sweet potato oven wedges. My husband will probably turn his into a mega burger with all the trimmings but I'll just stick to it as is.

I'm taking the kids to a new indoor play area that has opened nearby tomorrow, then I have to get the cat and dog to the vets for jabs so not sure when I will fit my workout in. I WILL fit in though. It has to be done. I will Make time and so can you!

Until then xoxo

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