Monday, 4 March 2013

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Day One

Workout 1 of phase 1 week 1 complete. I LOVED IT! It was hard but not too hard. I know I'm going to feel it tomorrow though. My arms are quivering slightly and my quads are burning.

I used these weights

Well the middle set anyway. They are 5lb. The bottom set are 10lb and I hope I can use those for some of the moves soon.

It is such a nice set up in the DVD where there is a group of people and Jillian gets different people to demonstrate the modifications, so there is always an easier (or harder) option. I can tell I'm going to love this programme.

Today's food

Breakfast was porridge with skimmed milk and a cup of tea

Lunch is a mug of this homemade chicken and vegetable soup, with rice cakes, yogurt and an apple

Dinner will be chicken con carne made in the slow cooker, probably served with some leeks and brussel sprouts that I roasted and froze the other day

I am not following Jillian's meal plan but will be aiming for around 1400 calories on weekdays with a little extra on weekends. I also walk an hour a day on the school run and run around after my 2 year old who is home with me.

I am looking forward to workout 2 tomorrow and I love that you change the workouts each day as I found myself getting bored during the 30 day shred. Oh that reminds me, I finished the shred only completing 4 days of level 3 and 10 days each of levels 1&2. I was eager to get my body revolution started!

Until tomorrow :)

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