Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Day Two

Whe I woke up this morning my quads were sore from yesterdays workout. Also under my armpits? who knows, but I like that kind of sore it means I worked out, hard. Today was workout 2 and another good one. We focused on triceps and hamstrings today with a bit of abs thrown in.

Workout 2 introduces us to the resistance band. Now if you purchase your body revolution brand new, it will come with the band you need. I, however, got mine from ebay and had to purchase resistance bands seperately. I got a set of 3, easy, medium and hard. Today I started with easy. Here is my little workout buddy showing it off for me ======>>>>>

It takes a bit of jiggling to get it wrapped around your feet as required but I will get quicker at that with time. I may have a little play with it before my next workout 2. I don't advise standing on the band and seeing how high you can stretch it, IF you don't have your feet securely on the bottom. The result of this is a very red, angry looking chin and a lot of pain! Even now, half an hour later, I feel as though my chin has sunburn lol. I only hope it goes down before the school run!

My Food yesterday went well until dinner time, when the chicken con carne got relegated in favour of left over takeaway pizza and wine! oops! Oh well this is a lifestyle and sometimes in life plans change. Today will be the same as I planned yesterday and I WILL stick to it. If I report tomorrow that I didn't, you have permission to kick my butt!

I was thinking last night about my hopes for Body Revolution. Realistically I would like to lose 14lb of the 28 I have left until I reach my current goal and drop from a loose UK 16 / tight 14 to a tight UK 12 and a loose 14. Ideally I would like to lose 28 lb and be a size 12 but I am not setting unrealistic goals.

I will continue to push myself to do the work and eat better and work towards my goals.

Until tomorrow :)

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