Friday, 29 March 2013

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Days 25 & 26

Day 25 - Workout 3 (Or not, Again!) & Day 26 - Workout 3 (instead of 4)

So unfortunately this week has been a real test of my motivation and willpower (and sanity!) My baby boy is very ill and will not let me leave his side. That makes working out very difficult. I know you're thinking "why doesn't she do it when he goes to bed?" Well he isn't going to bed or if he does he is crying again 5 minutes later.

My poorly boy

Honestly, out of my 3 boys, I have never experienced an illness like it. The good news is I have taken him to the Doctor and he is now on antibiotics for a Virus and severe ear infection in both ears. Hopefully this will kick in soon and normality will return.

I have hated messing up my routine this week, I haven't been able to take the boys to school (there goes a 360 calorie a day walk) I have missed 2 workouts and I have been eating junk! Last night I was so zombified (you know what I mean) that we ordered Chinese. I feel doughy and soft (like the Pillsbury dough boy) I know it is physcological but I need to get my head back in the game.

Anyway, today I managed to squeeze in workout 3 (it should have been 4) I really felt the lack of sleep and struggled to complete it well. I did complete it though so tomorrow (Saturday) I will get workout 4 in and then that leaves 2 x cardio 1 to complete on Sunday. That way I will still be on track.


I was determined to get my food under control today so for breakfast I created this

It is a cottage cheese, mushroom & wafer thin chicken omlette. It was only 285 calories and it was delicious. I will definitely be making this again

Lunch was a tin of tomato soup as I haven't had time to make my own with 3 rice cakes and cheese spread.

For dinner tonight I have made a low calorie chicken curry with mushrooms, onions and potatoes.

I hope you have all had more luck staying on track and working out than I have, but if you haven't, it's never too late to start over. Everyday is a new day and the chance for a fresh start.

Until tomorrow - Keep Pushing x

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