Saturday, 30 March 2013

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Day 27 - Feel the burn!

Day 27 - Workout 4 & Cardio 1 - Back to back

So due to time restraints this week and my absolute determination not to get behind with this programme I fit in workout 4 AND cardio 1 back to back today. That leaves 1 more cardio 1 for tomorrow, then so long phase 1, I'll miss you xxx

Well what can I say? OUCH. Workout 4 was one of my favourites from phase 1, I loved the terry pulls, one legged dead lift and even grew to love hollow man! One thing I have noticed is that my right hip "clicks" when I do the side raises. It also clicks when I do the warm up for workout 3 where you swing your leg out to one side. Strange, does anyone else click or am I just weird?

So immediately after workout 4 I switched to cardio 1. That was harder than I thought. I had already burnt 289 calories in workout 4 and was tired. Anyway I got my head in the game and went to it. The fast feet were probably the hardest to complete, my legs were like jelly! Anyway the result is this

575 calories burnt, not bad at all.


Breakfast -

Another omlette this morning. This one had bacon, mushrooms, leeks and tomatoes in.

Here it is cooking (excuse the messy cooker, it was breakfast in progress and I promise it's clean now)

That's my little one person frying pan, so handy when no one else is sharing. I just sprayed it with rapeseed oil first. I mixed 2 eggs with 1 laughing cow light cheese triangle to make the omlette.
 I roasted the vegetables and grilled the bacon then trimmed the fat off.
I poured the egg mix into the pan and topped with the bacon and vegetables.
When the bottom was nicely cooked I put the pan under the grill to brown the top.
 Here is the finished product
It was so filling and worked out to be 316 calories. I will be making this one again. If I want to lower the calories I may leave out the bacon, it would still be good.

Lunch -

Ham & beetroot salad - this was good

Dinner -

Tonight we are having Chicken, Leek and bacon lasagna.

This is the recipe I entered into MyFitnessPal. I will add seasonings, herbs and probably some garlic and mustard but I don't worry about entering those things.

Just take a look at this soppy dog! She thinks she is one of the kids!

Today is another cold one here. Snow is falling (at Easter WTF?) My baby boy is getting better slowly so we will probably just pop to the shops and back and let him rest as much as he can.
Tomorrow we are off to my brothers for an Easter buffet. The boys can play with their cousins and us adults can drink wine and chat. Well my brother & Mr F will disappear with their new remote control cars (yes they are 33 and 37 years old!) with my dad trailing behind pretending he's interested and leave me, my mum and my sister in law to the wine and nattering!
So I am pretty exhausted but feeling so proud that I forced myself to catch up. The good feelings really outweigh the aches and pains.
See you all tomorrow x 

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