Thursday, 7 March 2013

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Day 4

So back to visit workout 1 today and to be honest, I wasn't really feeling it. I didn't sleep very well and felt sluggish. Still as Jillian says I turned up!

The moves in this workout are the starting blocks for some of the moves to come in the other phases. At the moment you just have to stand on 1 leg and raise 1 leg but you just know (especially if you have done any other JM DVDs) that she is gonna stick some weights in there real soon.  I find the Towel Runs a bit awkward but as long as you're moving it's OK. I could do with a little more space for that one. I had much better form during the Warrior Pose and was able to get nice and low. The plank is also improving.

I wasn't too hot and sweaty by the end of todays workout but I figure Jillian knows what she's doing. Anyway only 2 more days of workout 1 then it's over. That's why I think I will enjoy this programme because it is not too repetitive.

Food today is the usual porridge for breakfast (I was SOOO hungry when I woke up today) Soup, crispbreads, ham and olives for lunch and dinner will be the rest of the chicken con carne with cous cous. I track all my food on my fitness pal, it is a great site and you can get a lot of support and information on there.

OK, today is world book day and after much deliberation (I offered to ATTEMPT to make any character they wanted) this is what the boys chose

For  those of you who don't know Chris Ryan is an Ex Soldier and Special Armed Forces Expert!

Probably NOT what the school had in mind but there you go!
It is raining and horrible here and I have to go now and pick up my 5 year old from school, come home and then go back and get my 7 year old from football club. I don't mind that, it is all exercise and I want to encourage my boys to be fit and active in life too.
So see you tomorrow x 

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