Saturday, 16 March 2013

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Day's 12 & 13

Day 12 - Workout 2

Well the last day of workout 2 was good. I'm glad to say goodbye to the band around the feet move, for now. I don't know if it's because I don't have the band Jillian uses but I find by the time I have it wrapped around my feet properly, she's nearly done! I wasn't keen on the supermans (too many in 30 day shred) and I know from reading other blogs that she brings this one back - with weights! Ouch. I now do most of the pelvic thrusts (lets do the time warp again! Sorry it pops into my head every time she says that) with my leg raised. I haven't tried it with the bands yet, like I said, they would probably be done before I got started lol!

Day 13 - Cardio 1

Not much to add to this one apart from I am beginning to punch like a boxer ha ha. I'm concentrating on really tightening my core for all the moves and getting uncomfortable. I mean really pushing things so I make the most of my time. I always find myself smiling at Mimi's little dance at the end, that girl has some ENERGY.

Weigh in

- 2 lbs this week, bringing my total loss for Body Revolution - 4 lbs! Pleased with that for 2 weeks in, can't wait to see how much more I can lose.

Cross Country

No, not me, my 7 year old son completed his cross country today. I went along as a proud supporter. He tried really hard and just kept pushing. He wanted me to run with him but parents were not allowed. I would love to run with him someday though.

Here he is with his finishers medal (his main reason for going, he's such a magpie)

I was so proud of him today.

Tooth fairies & runny noses

So while Bailey was running for his school, Jake & Oscar stayed with Nanny.

Oscar has a cold and sounds really cute when he talks but he is having trouble sleeping which is not so good. I'm planning on making a slow cooked chicken & broccoli stew for dinner tomorrow to help him feel better.

My sweet, sweet Jakey finally lost his first tooth! (he actually let me pull it out, the brave boy! it was only hanging on by a thread) He is so proud and placed it into the little gold pouch we keep for lost teeth. This went under his pillow and was replaced with coins at some time in the night.

Here is my gappy guy


He can be so crazy


I know I was supposed to post a picture of my salmon the other day but by the time I had remembered I had already started eating it! It was yummy though. Here is the picture (sorry for the awful flash, it was dark and I just wanted to continue eating!)

 Tonight I am making chilli beef meatballs with rigatoni pasta. I may roast some leeks and sprouts and have less pasta but I am looking forward to it.
I will take some more food photos over the next week (before I start eating)

Tomorrow is my rest day but I still find myself itching to workout. I won't though, I know I need to let my body rest for it to improve.

Enjoy your weekend and make sure you get your workouts in & keep pushing xoxo

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