Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Day 16

Day 16 - Workout 4

I got back to doing my workout in the morning today and I'm glad I did. I felt much more energised and motivated.

Today introduced workout 4 of phase 1. The warm up starts with good old butt kicks and backwards windmills.

We have a few more balance moves in workout 4, for example a one legged dead lift with tricep curl. There are modifications if you need them though. I seem to balance better on one leg than the other!

Abs are focused on a lot today. The hollow man? OUCH. I won't spoil it if you haven't done it but I can feel that one 3 hours later. There is also a kind of ab twist where you lay on the floor and twist to touch the opposite foot. I just could not get the hang of that. I am still in need of solutions to my slipping mat problem. I even cut up some non slip matting and stuck it to the bottom but I still slide all over the place which makes this move pretty ineffective. If any of you have any ideas or have overcome the same issue, feel free to comment!

I may have mentioned before that I also walk an hour a day to school and back (usually pushing my 2 year old in his buggy) and I do not often sit down when I am at home. This little extra is complimenting the Body Revolution plan and anything you can do to add a bit of extra movement into your day is worth it.


Well I have no pictures of last nights disaster dinner as I was so fed up by the time it was ready, I just ate it. The cook in the bag method did not cook the rice. Even after an hour in the oven. So I emptied it all into a casserole dish and microwaved it to finish it. It tasted good but took an hour longer than it should. I will use the seasoning again and cook the rice separately.

Today's breakfast was 2 wholemeal toast, cheese spread and marmite again. Not the prettiest of pictures but here you go

Dinner tonight will be extra lean spicy tomato pork mince with roasted leeks and brussell sprouts.

I'm off now to my 2 older boys parent's evenings. I'm sure they will get good reports (I hope)

Until tomorrow x

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