Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Day 3

Wow, 26 minutes. That is all cardio one is. I am dripping sweat (sorry).I remember thinking that one short cardio DVD twice a week would not be enough but boy was I wrong!

The workout is one circuit that is repeated 3 times. You warm up with military marches amongst other moves.

There is a move Jillian calls fast feet where you basically stick your a$$ out and wiggle as fast as you can! Believe me after 1 minute this BURNS.

Another move I had heard about and was dreading is the aptly named "suicides" and yes I can see now why they are called that. I don't want to spoil it if you haven't yet started your revolution but let me give you a piece of advice, give yourself as much room as you can ACROSS the room and move all objects (and in my case small children) out of the way first!

There is no mat, weights or bands used in this workout although for the sake of my neighbours i try and do some of the more jumpy moves on my mat as we have wooden floors. Note to self BUY A NON SLIP MAT! I found myself almost "running man" right into the wall. Ouch.

Jillian is on top form in this DVD and it is quite entertaining, which is good as we do this one for a month. She gets Omar and Natalie showing some funky alternative moves and gets Mimi up front doing a dancing speed bag.

All in all a good cardio workout and the time does indeed fly by.

So today's food: Well yesterday I stuck to my plan and ended at about 1300 calories.

Breakfast today: Same old porridge made with 50g oats, 100ml skimmed milk and topped up with water then microwaved. Now porridge is not my favourite breakfast BUT it fills me up and more importantly fuels my workout. A HUGE bowl is only 220 calories. This is my bowl today

Lunch: this will be the usual soup, crisp bread or rice cakes and an apple. For a switch up today I am not having the yogurt and instead having a boiled egg with a tbsp of extra light mayo. This is because the yogurts I usually buy are lower calorie than the ones I have now so I am looking to keep my lunch calories about the same. Also the egg has more protein for my recovery.

Dinner tonight: I am making spicy salsa chickpea cous cous (& roast leeks and sprouts again from the freezer) I hate to waste any food so am always freezing portions to use another day. This also saves time and with 3 boys hungry after school this is a bonus

Do you plan your meals for the week? I do. It helps keep me on track and also saves money. I have a planner on the fridge so I can just look and see what I need to get out for today. The boys have slightly different meals some days due to their ages but I try to always get them to try new foods when we have them. This is my food planner

So back to workout 1 tomorow and it's world book day so I have to go come up with some creations for the older boys to be book characters.

Until then :)

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