Monday, 25 March 2013

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Day 22

Day 22 - Workout 3

Back to workout 3 today. I was anxious about this one today, a rest day coupled with the children from hell this morning left me feeling tired and uninspired. Still, it was time to suck it up and press play as I won't let a rough morning get me down.

So after taking the boys to school, I dropped Oscar at my mum's and got on with it. After the warm up came my first hurdle, push ups. I didn't get to practice yesterday so I decided to just do as many on my toes as I could. The problem with that is I struggle to do even 1 with correct form. I just can't get my chest to the mat and back up without sticking my butt in the air or having my hands to far forward. So I just made sure I had perfect form and did them from my knees.

I did manage to get my head around the plank into crescent today and got a few done correctly which I'm pleased about. Also the crab push ups were better, I find if you keep your behind dipped you work on your arms more (which is what Jillian says but I don't always listen to her!)

The side abdominal crunches hurt my hip bone (yes, I can actually feel a bone there now, yipee!) so I rock back a little so I'm not pushing on it. I really focused on this one today. I think a lot of the moves require less speed but more focus on form and range of movement although the inchworms I find better if I go faster!

The cool down on this workout troubles my knees. When you come onto your knees and lift your foot into your behind It really hurts my knees. I do not want to injure myself so I just stand and stretch my quads like normal. As long as you are stretching, that's the main thing.

So after a manic Monday trying to get 3 boys up & dressed and out the door, I forgot to wear my heart rate monitor on the school run (probably would have gone through the roof anyway seeing as how stressed I was!) Anyway I remembered it for my workout

Yep, workout 3 burnt 281 calories, not too shabby is it?


Dinner tonight is going to be some of this

Or this

Oscar is coming down with something and you know how clingy 2 year olds get when they're poorly? He wont let me go long enough to prepare the prawn pasta salad that I had planned. Oh well that will most likely be tomorrows lunch.

I am off now to administer Calpol and cuddles - I hope all of you who did BR today got on ok and remember to Keep Pushing x

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