Saturday, 23 March 2013

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Days 19 & 20

 Day 19 - Workout 4

This was better today or I should say I was better today! Having seen the moves already, I got the hang of them a lot quicker. The issues I was having with the ab twists were better, I think it doesn't matter if the mat twists with you, it is the ab muscles that are keeping your upper back off the floor and that's what matters.

I feel very strong doing this workout. Moves that I found daunting in the 30 day shred seem easier now. Things like the forward lunges and butt kicks used to really kill me. In 30 DS when Jillian says if you can, really kick yourself in the a$$ I remember thinking noooo, stop. Now I feel like I could kick my butt forever lol! Jump rope and jumping jacks also seem quite effortless compared to back then. I may do 1 day of each level on 30 DS soon, just for a kind of fitness test.

My Heart Rate Monitor turned up yesterday and I had a little play with it. I put it on to collect my boys from school. Walking there and back it said I burnt 180 calories. I do that twice a day. Then I do BR which I'm guessing must be at least 200 calories? So when I dropped my calories to 1200 last week, I was only netting around 600 a day. Big mistake and a sure fire way to slow my metabolism and hold onto my fat for dear life! I am not eating enough to fuel my body let alone my workouts!

I follow this In-place-of-a-road-map. Really, read it, it makes so much sense. According to this I need 1400 calories a day just to breathe. If I add in my daily life plus exercise (TDEE - Total Daily Energy Expenditure) I need 2,235 calories a day to MAINTAIN my current weight. So to lose weight, I subtract 20% from my TDEE which leaves me at 1800 Calories a day. I need to eat at least that to lose weight. Whether I eat it each day or average it over a week, I was seriously UNDER eating.  So next week I will aim for at least 1450-1500 calories Mon - Thurs and try and get nearer to 2200 on Fri, Sat & Sun. (1800 daily plus 300 extra saved from Mon - Thurs) It seems a lot of calories but trust me, it works. I will stick at it for at least 4 weeks and re-evaluate then

Day 20 - Cardio 1

Not much to add about this one except my Polar FT7 tells me I burnt 261 Calories in 26 minutes! Great.


When I got up this morning I didn't open the curtains straight away. If I had I would have seen this

It is almost the end of March and approaching Easter and we have snow. Please spring, hurry up and get here!

Oscar has developed a passion for stripey clothes. Yep at 2 years old he has a keen eye for fashion. He spies an item of clothing in his room and either brings it downstairs or takes it to bed with him. It took me a while to realise he only picks the stripey things. This morning he spotted this t-shirt and HAD to have it on over his sleep suit, So funny. (he is also holding my tape measure, no wonder I can never find it!)

Mr F is at work today. I miss him. The kids miss him. Saturday is not the same without him.

Tomorrow we are making Easter Bonnets and Easter Gardens for the boys school projects. Mr F and the boys cannot just make normal Bonnets and Gardens, LED lights are involved along with nuts and bolts. Pictures will follow.

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