Sunday, 17 March 2013

Rest day & Sunday snap shots

And....... rest. Aaah. No workout for me today, but with 3 young boys you never really get a rest day. I'm enjoying a lazy Sunday with my family.
The boys are building a cardboard camper van (I might just save myself some money this year and buy them cardboard boxes for Christmas!) The fire is lit, Mr F is watching Top Gear & I am tapping away at this blog.
we may take a walk later but nothing too strenuous. I am hoping to get some time to curl up in front of the fire with my kindle as well. My book of choice at the moment is Gabriel's Rapture by Sylvain Reynard.

It's the follow up of Gabriel's Inferno and very good. It has the strong, passionate affair similar to fifty shades of grey, but not as graphic. There is a third book to make it a trilogy which I'm pleased about, I love it when a good book becomes a series.

Sunday Snap Shots

I love taking photos of my kids (who doesn't?) and playing around editing them. These are a few snapshots I took today

Last nights chilli meatballs turned into chilli bolognaise and I just stuck to pasta without the veg, but it was good


 Today I am making my poorly baby some chicken & broccoli stew in the slow cooker. Here it is so far

I am looking forward to workout 3 tomorrow and seeing what the delightful Jillian Michaels has in store for me! Please feel free to leave a comment about your own Body Revolution, your own blog or anything really, and please follow my blog to see my updates.

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