Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Day's 7,8,9 & Mothers Day

Day 7 was my rest day from JMBR and concluded week 1. Progress - 2lb. Happy with that as I didn't follow the meal plan and went over on my own plan a few times.

Days 8 & 9 were back to workouts 1 & 2. I am getting better form for the moves now although some require coordination that I seem to struggle with. The twist and drop lunge in workout 1 is one of these moves, I just seem to take a few reps to be twisting the correct way and dropping the correct knee! Another one is the weighted step ups. I just seem to be out of tune with that one but I keep moving and get my knee up high so it'll all workout in the end.

Body changes
I have to say if you are considering doing Body Revolution or any Jillian Michaels DVD just DO IT! I am seeing changes in my body that I thought I would never see. Now I know this is not just 1 week of BR, I did 24 days of Jillian's 30 day shred first, but wherever you start you will see results! You know when you wave or clap in a tank top? well I used to get this jiggle under my arms that sort of made me tense my arms to stop it or try and clap using only my forearms (picture that without laughing, I dare you) Well guess what? It's gone. Yes I actually stood in front of a mirror waving and clapping to my hearts content and no jiggle! Another place I never thought I'd change is my stomach. Abs? me? never. My poor stomach has been through 3 pregnancies resulting in 3 c-sections in under 5 years, not to mention the abuse and neglect of letting go and no exercise. I have that "mummy pooch" that we all know and hate! Well, that's still there (for now, I WILL get it gone) BUT the bit of my stomach just under my bra strap is starting to develop a dent. I don't know how else to explain it only to say Jillian and the girls in her DVD have it and I never did. Now it's forming. I keep looking at it grinning like a loon saying "you go girl, you've got a dent" ha ha. These small changes are what keep me pushing, keep me turning up and pressing play so like I said DO IT and Do IT today, you will NEVER regret it.

Rest Day
Sunday was my rest day and was also mothers day. I was greeted in bed by 3 smiling little cherubs, had a cup of tea brought to me and got a voucher to help with the washing from Bailey. I also got a box of very decadent, very expensive Hotel Chocolat chocolates and a bacon roll in bed! (I did have to keep jumping up to fan the smoke alarm but hey it's the thought that counts) It was a lovely, indulgent day and the boys and Mr F couldn't have made me any happier.

This is me with my wonderful mum


Sometimes, when I workout, I feel sluggish and like I'm not really trying hard enough. But the thing is it is my workout and I will only get out of it what I put in and that has to be 100%. So for those days when I feel like I'm not giving my all, I created this

I will hang it in the space where I workout and hopefully it will help me through those moments that I just don't feel like pushing

Today I am back to porridge for breakfast, soup, rice cakes, yogurt and an apple for lunch and I am making a chicken & red grape salad for dinner.

Cardio 1 later this morning, can't wait for those suicides lol

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