Saturday, 9 March 2013

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution days 5 & 6 and the weekend!

It's Saturday, yay! I love the weekends. I get to spend time with my favourite people. Even though my youngest favourite person got me up at 5am!

Workout wise I did day 5 of BR yesterday which was workout 2 again. I had to fit it in before I took the boys to school which meant a few interruptions but I just kept going. It was actually quite funny trying to break up an argument whilst doing weighted step ups! One thing I realised with this workout is I always feel I'm not doing things right. As I spend my time listening to Jillian and not watching so much, I think the team on the set must be twisting further or stepping wider or raising their leg higher BUT when actually stop and watch I realise I AM doing it right and in most cases just as well as they are! So if you are doing BR take some time to watch the other guys now and then and you will see that there is no crazy super power you're missing and you're probably doing much better than you thought!

Today we are off to my parents for lunch (such a long trek to their house next door ha ha) so I will do cardio 1 before we set off. This time I will give myself some room to complete the suicides.

My boys have made me so proud this week. First there was this from my little Jakey

Then this from my clever boy Bailey for helping the computer technicians. That is so Bailey, anything technical and he is there!

Our little Oscar is following in his brothers footsteps, he loves to run off and play with their DS or my samsung tablet and he's only 2!

I have changed the colour of my blog but will probably change it again before I am happy! My goal is to create a pretty format that I can print as a kind of family journal. Life is so short and yet full and this way I can capture those special memories and write my blog all in one place. I hope to add a lot more pictures with my shiny new Nikon digital SLR (once I learn how to use it) At the moment the pictures are from my phone.

This is the scene in my house at 6.48am on a Saturday

Lovely and peaceful right? Notice my cheeky monkey climbing on the sofa arm? 2 minutes later he tried to swipe Jake's DS, so Jake pushed him onto the floor resulting in shattered peace and lots of screaming (them and me)

I will leave it there for today as I am being bugged for the laptop by a 7 year old (he wants to play Mathletics so I will willingly relinquish it)

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