Monday, 3 February 2014

Back to Body Revolution & on the wagon!

Ok so on 3rd November I posted that I am back, I'm going to get back on this, lose 7lbs blah blah blah! Sorry for the false promises. Truth is I wasn't ready. Simple. No huge excuses apart from my mind didn't want what my body needed. So I didn't try.

We had our kitchen remodelled which involved knocking down walls and living out of a dusty derelict house for nearly 3 months. No running machine, no privacy (I HATE having workmen in my home) most of all no cooker! It was an extremely hard period and finished about 3 days before Christmas! That being said, I adore my new kitchen.

I went from this:

To this:


Like I said I love it. It opens up the house and we spend so much family time in there now.

So on the fitness front, I have decided to start Jillian Michaels Body Revolution - Again. In fact I started last Monday so I am now on week 2 of 13. The difference this time around is I plan to complete it, not stop at workout 8. I am also going to give up alcohol for the entire 90 days. I am sticking to 1550 calories which is what MyFitnessPal recommends (Vickiaf if anyone wants to add me) to lose 1 lb a week. I have set lifestyle to lightly active and wont be eating back my exercise calories during the week. This way I have a little treat room at the weekends if needed. I am going to give it time, not see no loss one week and change everything about. I need to stick to one range to see what works.

My starting weight this time around is 168 lb. I am not going to weigh in now until Saturday 3rd March. I get obsessed and I know this is a programme that helps you drop insane inches but not always pounds. I also walk to school and nursery and back 3 times a day so I may skip the Saturday cardio depending on plans and time. If I have spare time I will fit it in but spending weekends with my family is also important and this needs to fit my lifestyle. That way I won't burn out and give up completely.

I'm looking forward to blogging more to keep me accountable, having it written down with people reading really pushes me to try and makes me think twice about quitting or going off track. So I'm leaning on you people and feel free to lean on me too. With a good support system, anything is possible.

Me & my beautiful boys - my main inspiration
Vicki xoxo

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  1. I found your blog whilst looking for experiences of people that did Body Revolution as I started doing it myself 3 days ago. Are you still following the program? How are you getting on?