Monday, 6 May 2013

BBQ's, Beer & Bruises

Morning y'all, it is a beautiful May Bank Holiday here so no work or school, just chilling in the sun & BBQing.

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C25K - Week 5 - Day 2

Yesterday I did week 5 day 2 of C25K and I felt like I was flying. I didn't want to stop to walk (although I did) and when it was time to cool down, I ran for another 5 minutes. My next session is the dreaded 20 minutes straight but I know I can do it.

After my run we headed to my brothers and ended up on the beach.

It's so nice to just relax and let the kids enjoy themselves.
(does anyone else have that issue where you can re-size some of your photos and not the others? Nope just me then)
After the beach we ended up drinking some wine in my bro's garden. (yeah, you can totally tell by my grin)

<<<<<Me & my big bro x

He had a few beers and we started comparing fitness plans.
Not a good idea in a room that is about 10 ft square whilst inebriated. If he did a one legged squat, I pulled out Jillians warrior 3. Then he would have me trying knuckle push ups and I would show him sumo squat jumps.
Naturally this all progressed into him "teaching" me his fight training. The method of the day was Akido. So after being swung around, blocked, tackled and pinned he decided to show me how you would get an attacker to the floor.
Except the couch was in the way. Of my face.

The cut next to my eye & under my nose was the result. I have to say he felt reeaaally bad. And so he should. I am his little sister and you do not "Akido" them into furniture! This morning I have a head ache (that could be the wine) but thankfully no black eyes yet.

I have Workout 7 to fit in sometime today & I will fit it in. Just because it's a day off from work & school, my body doesn't know that. I am loving the results I am getting from giving Body Revolution my all and with the running, I feel I have found the perfect balance. Weigh day on Wednesday so we shall see.

No food pictures today as yesterday was chips on the beach (a must) & I will post pics of Mr F  burning cooking some fantastic food tomorrow.

Until then remember to Keep Pushing x x x


  1. The beach looks fun. I wish we lived closer to the beach! We are going in Late July or early August and I can't wait. Another reason to get rid of some of this weight. Don't want to be confused with a beached whale! Bahahaha!

    1. Yes we are lucky to live within a short distance of a lot of nice beaches. It wasn't warm enough to be uncovered much so no worries about animal rescue dragging me back in the water ha ha! I hope you enjoy your beach trip, you'll be smokin' hot by then x

  2. I found your blog on The Collective and started following when I saw you were doing C25K. I did the program last semester and have continued running (slowly) ever since. I love hearing other people's running stories, though. It motivates me to keep going!

    Ashley @

  3. Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for popping over. I completed C25K about 2 years ago but didn't keep running and had to start at the beginning again. This time I am looking forward to keeping it up and seeing how far I can go. I will be checking out your blog too x x