Saturday, 11 May 2013

Cheers to the Freakin Weekend!

It's Saturday in my somewhat grey & dismal corner of the world (how come we say corners, isn't the world round?)
Anyway, sadly but necessarily Mr F is at work - boo :( At least my boys are home and we are heading next door to my parents for lunch with my brother (I shall not be drinking OR letting him practice any "smash head into wooden sofa arm" self defence type moves!)
My little Oscar is poorly - again! This time it seems to be tonsillitis which means he's really clingy and not sleeping. I'm hoping he is building his immune system ready for starting nursery in September.
Body Revolution sadly fell by the wayside this week. Monday & Tuesday I still had a fuzzy head from the sofa collision. Wednesday was my scheduled run anyway - 20 minutes and I killed it! Thursday I had a pang of mummy guilt and chose to spend time out with my baby rather than with Jillian :) Friday my little guy became poorly and just wanted his mummy all day although I still walked an hour on the school run.
So there you have 5 days worth of excuses (Good ones I thought) seriously though, I hate making excuses for things and am constantly battling with my inner voice. Sometimes she wins and I can justify my actions - sometimes will power comes along, kicks her ass and I. get. it. done. I MUCH prefer will power, I always feel better when she wins which makes me remember the next time my excuse - making inner voice starts wining, how good it will feel to shut her up!
Food this week is better. I have been sticking to my points (mostly) If I could just get out of the stupid wine habit, I'd be great. I still allocated points for it (apart from Friday) but it weakens my resolve and makes me want to snack. I know I need to be stricter with myself because there is no point working out then ruining it with my diet. I am guilty of thinking "Oh well I lost weight last week and I ate/drank  x, y & z so it must be ok". I need to remind myself that it all catches up in the end.
This is not true.....
I am going to run today - Week 6 - Day 1 of Couch to 5K. I can't wait to crank up the volume and pound out my frustrations.
Hope you all have a good weekend
See you all soon x x

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