Friday, 17 May 2013

Fast cars & 5Ks

As I live on the South East coast of little old England there seems to be a real shortage of 5K races for me to run once I have finished C25K.
I want a goal so I have found the perfect solution

Basically Kristine over at Heart Shaped Sweat has set up this virtual 5K to be run between June 1st - June 7th.
You can run, walk, swim or ride it & go it alone or join in with family & friends. It can be done on the treadmill, the track or any route of your choice. The most important thing is that you get moving.
You then pick a day, print out your race bib, choose your course & GO!
Afterwards we will be linking back up to blog & post pictures of our experience.
I am currently up to 26 minutes running so to complete the whole 5K at my current speed, I need to get up to about 38 minutes. It's not fast but I plan to jog the whole thing without having to stop. This gives me around 2 and a half weeks to add 12 minutes to my distance. Do able, if I get my ass into gear!
I will update soon on my chosen date & whether I'll be hitting the treadmill or the streets!
Tonight Mr F & I are off to see this
Sorry, lost my train of thought for a minute there, Vin Diesel will do that to a girl (TWSS)
Fast & Furious 6. These films hold a special place in my heart as when Mr F & I first met, he used to tune, modify & race cars. I remember the first film coming out and calling Mr F to ask if he would take me out for a spin. He had to strap me into my harness & although we were just "friends" having him that close to me almost made me faint with lust!
Sadly we no longer have a race car, to Mr F's dismay we own a 7 seater people carrier and a small diesel car that he takes to work! Oh the joys of growing up!
My food over the last few days has been a bit hit & miss. Without Mr F eating with me, I haven't really bothered to cook and if I do I don't really have much appetite. Obviously I have been feeding the kids, they are that annoying age where they actually ASK you to feed them. I know, the cheek of them - right?
I hope to get another 3 runs in at least before my next weigh in so hopefully my temporary change in eating habits won't kill me on the scale.
I REALLY want to be done with the losing weight part of this journey in 2013. I want to get to my goal size and then focus on getting stronger & leaner. I feel like I will never get there, maybe I'm just not destined to be thin. I am having "skinny anger" episodes again lately, you know when you see naturally skinny people who maintain their weight effortlessly and you think bitch  "it's not fair". I can't even imagine a life where I just eat what I want without thinking about it, planning it, counting it, burning it off. OMG what would I do all day? I'd be totally lost!
I must keep moving forward. Every day is a chance to get focused and start again. Every inch & pound puts me one step closer to the finish line. One bad choice will not defeat me, just force me to draw a line under it and keep pushing forward.

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