Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sexy Paste & Sunday Snaps

Sorry for the delayed post, it's been a busy few days. Firstly, my new weigh in day will be Wednesday to tie in with the Weigh in Wednesday linky so more on that then. 
Secondly, on Friday I did workout 8 as planned. I love workout 8 and the fact that Jillian is "grinding me into a sexy paste"
The side lunges into cross overs are a bit of a killer but are shaping my butt quite nicely thank you very much.
In fact although I didn't take any measurements before this program I have noticed that my clothes are HANGING OFF! I mean all my shorts from last summer are literally around my ankles when I fasten them and I'm pretty sure I could get in the next size down jeans if I tried. I won't be buying any jeans yet though as it is supposed to be our summertime now and I don't want to jinx the good weather!
Anyway I didn't get my run in Saturday so I am doing it this morning before we head off to the beach with my brother and his family.
Some snap shots for Sunday



 Friday's breakfast - wholemeal pitta with mixed beans and mushrooms
 Friday night dinner - BBQ chicken breast with roasted vegetables

The little Jake monster and me before school. Bailey said the sparkly head band made me look like a goddess! He can stay.

Boys being boys. Find them some rocks and they will climb them!

Tortilla wrap pizzas


Feta cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, red onions, jalapenos Mmmm Mmmmm
 More climbing - trees this time
So I am off to get my run on, It is 7:09 am on a Sunday but I want to spend the day having fun with my family so I will GET.IT.DONE.
I hope you are all enjoying the weekend wherever you may be
Back soon with a longer post x  

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