Thursday, 9 May 2013

Enjoying the small things

I can't believe it's Thursday already, these long weekends really throw me :)
Today I am having child issues (with 3 young boys - no big surprise) How do you guys deal with sharing toys? (I don't mean between yourselves, I'm talking about the little ones!)  B (7) & J (almost 6) share a room. They don't really have to although if they didn't I would have to lose the JUNK utility room. They choose to. J doesn't like the dark and prefers to be in with his big brother. O has his own room and obviously so do me & Mr F. The problem is their toys. They don't really have one half of the room each, they just store all their toys together and play along nicely.
Most times.
Today it's another case of "MUM, O has my wrestler and B wants to play with his car and I want B's transformer - but it's MINE!" kind of thing.
There is no real way I could possibly divide ALL the toys exactly and I don't want to, they are brought up to share. They do have private places each i.e a drawer (supposed to be for underwear but houses army men, bits of plastic, leaflets etc) They also have a high shelf for their breakables or extra special toys & a locked box for their valuables (bits of string, leaves, old bottle tops - don't you just love what kids find "value" in) But as for who each car or boat belongs to is just not really defined. They all play with each other anyway. I guess it's just something I will have to referee and try to be as fair as possible.
I love my boys to the moon and back but they are going to turn me grey by 35, I swear.

Another example of what a disorganised mother I am is finding Oscar's nursery acceptance letter amongst clutter today and realising the closing date for handing it in is tomorrow. Phew, nearly missed that one!

Which kind of brings me on to today's workout - skipping the official plan and taking Oscar & my pup Ruby to the play park instead :)

After signing his nursery letter it hit me that come September somebody else will be entertaining him for 3 hours a day. I got a bit sad and thought to myself - go out & have fun with your boy, you wont ever get today again!

I intend to enjoy the small things in life while I can because there will be one day when he won't want to come to the park with his mummy.

He will be too big to be lifted into the swing.

He wont stop to pick me a flower every 10 steps he takes.

He won't come running at me full speed to be picked up & swung through the air.

Then I will be sad. Until I remember today. The day I said "workouts can wait" & just enjoyed the small things.

 So I probably burnt the same calories as Body Revolution, it just took twice as long and was a whole lot more fun.

Today I wanted to link up with
My non scale victories for this week are:
1. Wearing a bikini (in our private garden) for the first time EVER. I don't think Mr F has even seen me in one since we met in 2004. I am no where near the "getting it out in public" stage but I felt good enough to strut my stuff at home (by the way I forgot to put sunscreen on and as my belly has never really seen the light of day, it got very burnt! stupid girl)
2. Being told by my brother that I have done AMAZING! with my weight loss. He is not a complimentary person nor does he ever say things that he doesn't mean so I was very pleased with that :)
Next I need some hair - help (excuse the zero make up face, I had just showered and dried my hair)


It is long and thick and I just don't know what to do with it (That's what she said) I would like to keep the length but maybe add a soft curl? It takes hours to straighten and when it gets damp - poof - I have frizzy head again! So if any stylists have a suggestion I'm all ears (& hair)
OK so that's me for today, just documenting another day in our lives. That's the reason I started this blog in the first place. I just wanted to share my life and my journey to get fit & healthy. And if I make some like minded blogger stalkers friends along the way - even better!


  1. I have long hair kind of kinky wavy, not a nice curl at all. I've been getting a "smoothing" treatment from my hairstylist, and it makes it sooo much nicer to work with. Costs a bit (around $100) but lasts a few's basically a keratin treatment different stylists call it different things..

    Congrats on the bathing suit! I'm not in a position to wear a bikini yet, but hope to be soon! Must have felt GREAT!!

    1. Hi,

      I had that done last year at home, just got a kit from amazon for £25 (about $38) and got a friend to apply it then blow dry and straighten it. I loved the result but went to Egypt the week later and spent the entire holiday snorkelling in the Red sea. Obviously the salt washed it all out prety quick but I think you've convinced me to try it again!

      Thanks for the reply x

  2. I love when my mom or dad congratulates me. I still live for their approval. :)
    I have long straight thick hair these days too! I found this chick on YouTube who I really like. She does some fun stuff that is pretty easy. I've actually done stuff with my hair besides put it into a ponytail!
    Here's her page! (By the way, she isn't me, nor do I know her!)

    1. Thanks for the link, I'm off to check her out now. It's all too easy to just stick my hair up, I must try harder lol!

  3. Congrats on wearing the bathing suit! That's awesome! I am very jealous! Also, love your haircut!


    1. Thank you, I am a long way from being happy with my body but I am proud of how far I've come x

  4. Great Job on the bathing suit! I can't imagine when I'll feel able to do that, so I really admire your victory!

    1. Thank you, I never thought I would get there either, but with hard work & dedication anything is possible x x

  5. Stopping by from the NSV Linkup. Congrats on the bathing suit and the compliments from your brother!

    Ashley @

    1. Thanks girl, we meet again ha ha (I've followed your blog) x

  6. Wearing a bikini anywhere other than your bathroom is an awesome NSV! I haven't even had the nerve to buy one so I'm totally impressed. You go, girl!

  7. Congrats on your NSVs! I appreciate you linking up and sharing! It is awesome that you wore a bikini for the first time ever!

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