Thursday, 2 May 2013

Halfway to Hotness & Body Rev Day 46

Day 46 - Workout 7 - Over half way Baby!

Ok so I thought I was gonna have to skip the 13th week of BR as I am going on my hols BUT I can't count so I will actually get it done right before I go. Which means I am officially over half way there! I can't believe I've been letting Jillian beat my ass for 46 days!

Workout 7 again today - I have to admit I actually had a fit of giggles (yes I am really 31 years old) watching Kenta? do the plank walk/drag. It just looks so damn ridiculous. Then when I try dragging my legs I look like someone trying to crawl away from the monster under the bed. I swear any minute somethings gonna grab me by the ankles and haul me under the table!
The jack knife/crunch is hard. I cannot fold my body in two UPWARDS. Nope just can't. So I modify it to something that still kills my abs but leaves me less feeling like a goldfish that has jumped out of it's bowl and is flapping around trying to get back in.
Those W raises with leg extensions - OWWW - they are OK the first set but after that my arms are on fire.
I like the star jumps - anything that has me jumping around like a kid is good.
Back to workout 8 tomorrow.


OK so the bit you've been waiting for after my wobble post yesterday..............

Yes I jumped on the wine waggon last night - then had 4 glasses and fell right off the back!
It did teach me something though.
See, I was remembering drinking in a good light - relaxing with a glass of wine after the kids are in bed, catching up with Mr F, watching a good movie - all of the things that I associate with drinking. The reality was a fuzzy head, falling asleep early, not sleeping well later in the night and waking up with a splitting headache. And now THAT is how I think of drinking.
So sometimes that binge that does you no good, can actually help you to realise that you didn't enjoy it and can do without. 
The good thing is I didn't eat anything I shouldn't have and have woken up with even more resolve today. I will un-do any damage that I did last night, draw a line under it and move on.

I said I was going to give Body Revolution a chance to work by cleaning up my diet and sticking to my points, so I will.
Yesterday's Food
Breakfast -

Scrambled egg in wholemeal pitta & a cup of green tea with lemon 

Lunch - Vegetables, couscous & chicken (you saw this yesterday)

Dinner - More couscous, roast leeks & tandoori chicken breast (sorry I had already started munching here)
plus the aforementioned (<<< did you know that was one word, I didn't) glasses of vino!


 Here is my little terror with his balloon "weapon"

You can tell by his face that he's up to no good!

And here is terrorised miss Ruby sitting as far away from him as she can get.....
I have to go and pick up JJ from school now, he is supposed to be doing music club, but since his best friend didn't get in he has decided against it. For which his big brother has declared him "weird" Oh I love the drama in this house :)
Until tomorrow x x

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