Friday, 24 May 2013

Confession Time

Yesterday I ate. And ate. And ate. I literally inhaled everything in site. I have no idea why. But it was bad. I don't even want to try and estimate how many calories I consumed. Why do I do this to myself?  I was determined to get back on the healthy train and instead I ended up on the eat junk jet! I even ate things I don't really like (mini chocolate eggs from the boys Easter stash - yes I am a weird woman and don't really like chocolate)
Oh well whats done is done, I can't un-eat any of it so I just need to move on.
I am planning my meals for the next week and I am trying to really lower my processed carbs. I'm not counting them as such, just cutting out bread, couscous, and white potatoes. So my meal plan for next week looks something like
Breakfasts = Boiled egg with some form of protein (tuna, bacon, sausage - depends on what's in the shops)
Lunches = I am skipping the usual soup and rice cakes and going for chicken breast & roasted vegetables in a spiced tomato sauce. I have already cooked and portioned this for the whole week so come lunch times I can just grab one from the freezer and sling it in the microwave.
(The top one looks smaller as I ran out of veg so I will just roast some more on that day)
I will have a grapefruit, apple & a nectarine with this (or whatever fruit looks freshest when I go shopping)
Dinners = M - BBQ chicken breast with roasted veg
                 T - Tuna salad
                 W - Lean beef chilli on white cabbage 
                 T - Lemon pepper chicken salad
                 F - Left over chilli & roast veg
If I want to snack it will be on fresh fruit.
Speaking of fresh fruit, I love mango but over here we don't often have them due to the climate & they are expensive to import. Anyway the other day I decided to try one. Here is the end massacre result

There must be an easier way, it always looks so good when other people prepare it. It was good but I'm not sure it was worth the hassle!
I'm going to get back to Body Revolution & Running this weekend. I will double up my workouts as much as I can for the next 3 weeks, I am determined to reach 160 lb by my birthday:)
It is another Bank Holiday Weekend here (so it will probably rain for 3 days straight) Never mind, I am planning on lighting the fire this evening - can you believe it is 6 degrees here today? - and watching some of my new favourite show with Mr F
My brother has a Harley and has promised to take me out soon which has caused uproar in the family as he is not the most careful person. I know he would drive safely with me on board but try telling that to my other brothers and my dad. I am the baby sister of the family and must be treated accordingly :)
I really want this shirt though
I'm not even remotely a biker chick but I think with some denim cut offs it could look cute
I will leave you with some photos of my babes

Jakey being a flower in his school assembly

Bailey got so cross that the other two wouldn't pose properly for this one!
I hope you all have a fun weekend planned
I need this one today

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