Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Body Revolution Day 37 - Tragedy

Before I mention my workouts today I just want to send my condolences out to those who have lost  loved ones or had them injured in the Boston Marathon Bombing today. It is such a tragedy & such a sad sad world where even people coming together to raise money for charity & accomplish their own dreams are not safe. You are in our thoughts.

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Day 37 - Workout 6

This morning after the school run I dropped little guy at nanny's house and got my workout done. Much better to do in peace! I'm not sure about calorie burn, halfway through my HRM decided to lose my heart rate (perhaps Jillian had finaly killed me!) Nope, it picked me up again at the end of the workout. I will tell you I was a hot sweaty mess (nice!)  I do like the ab work from today. It really hurts, but apparantly that's a good thing. The cable curls are much better with my lighter resistance band but they do still burn! I quite like the reverse plank, I can hold it well - that is until Kenta? I think it's him - starts making some very strange noises that do not sound like exercising - well not this kind of exercise anyway. Very off putting, listen out next time, you'll hear what I mean. Only one more of this workout left to do.

Me & little O after my workout.


As promised pictures of last night's dinner

Veg, ready to go in the oven

The end result with tandoori chicken

And a little snap of todays lunch - Home made soup, cracker breads, boiled egg, sliced ham & green olives (499 calories for a load of food!)
Dinner tonight involves lean minced beef, seasoning & lots of veg thrown in for good measure.
When I dropped little guy at the parents this morning my Dad asked if I was working out every day. I told him no just 6 days a week! JUST ha ha! Well anyway he said it sure is working - awwww bless him. Then my mum says do you have to do it forever? Well Body Revolution may feel like the longest 90 days of my life, but no, not forever. She looked relieved until I told her that after 90 days there will be something else - then something else. I can't go back to not exercising. I wont let my hard work come undone. So no, Body revolution or any fitness programme does not have to be forever - But something does. Every. Damn. Day. (to quote Jillian Michaels) 
So whether it's eating right or moving your body - GET IT DONE!
I hope YOU are pushing through your boundaries today. Remember Sweat, Hard Work, Dedication - It WILL pay off!

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