Thursday, 11 April 2013

Body Revolution Day 32 - Non Scale Victories!

Day 32 - Workout 5

Today was day 32 of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. For those of you that don't know, it is a 90 day weight loss/workout programme split into 3 phases. 

Each phase has 4 workout DVD's and 1 Cardio DVD.

Each cardio disc lasts an entire "phase" (or 4 weeks).

You work out 6 days a week and have 1 rest day.

 The workouts typically last about 30 minutes and there are various modifications for different moves.

Jillian has her own diet plan for the programme which I am not following. Eating 1200 calories then burning another 600 + a day does not work for me. I typically burn around 600 calories a day (including extra cardio) and eat around 1800 - 2000 calories. That way I at least NET my BMR which is 1400 and what my body needs just to function and fuel my organs.

you can find more information HERE at   and the programme can be brought from also.

So today I did workout 5 for the 2nd time. Last time I did it (according to my Polar FT 7 Heart Rate Monitor) I burned 282 calories. Today I burnt 320 calories. I did push harder today and knew the moves better so didn't have to watch the TV as much. 
The warm up made much more sense this time around and really isn't as complicated as I thought. My wood chops were much better as well. I told my self it was basically a lunge while swinging the weight and that helped me to lower my knee each time (as you would in a lunge). I forgot to change my resistance band for my easier one  - AGAIN. This made those moves that require it almost impossible. I say almost because nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. I used weights instead. I still held crescent pose and still kept good form and it still REALLY burned so I figured that was ok! Squat jumps hurt, don't they? I think they do. I try and look at my legs as I do them and for some reason this helps more than watching the super athletes on the TV do them lol.
It's good to see Natalie still cheating in this one as she did in the 30 day shred. She is never as low in her squats and crescents - UNTIL Jillian sees her. Then she drops her butt right down! 
NSV'S (Non Scale Victories)
As I have decided not to weigh in again until the end of phase 2 I though I would mention NSV's. We all know how important it is not to get too focused on the scale. Weight fluctuates and is not a reliable indicator of progress. Inch loss, body definition, strength - these all play a big part in determining results. That comment a friend makes about you looking leaner, making it through a full set of jumping jacks that you couldn't finish before, seeing yourself in a shop window and thinking how good you look, these are what we call Non Scale Victories.
Well today, I had one. About 2 years ago I bought a pair of shorts in a sale. They said they were my size but lo and behold when I got them home that wasn't the case. In fact when I finally got them up over my thighs, they wouldn't even come close to doing up (I'm not talking a little gap - I mean about 5 inches!) So I threw them in the drawer and forgot about them. Then just around Christmas this year I found them again. I had lost around 20 lbs by now so decided to try them on. I managed to get them over my thighs and by breathing in and a lot of huffing and puffing, I did them up. The result was not pretty. You know that look the toothpaste tube gets when you squeeze the middle? that was me. In shorts. The bulge of over hanging belly was not pleasant but what the heck, I did them up & that was enough for me. Until today. Today I came across those shorts again. Now bearing in mind since Christmas there is only about 2 lbs difference in my weight - despite working out 6 days a week and watching my food intake. I pulled them on. I did them up. Then I looked in the mirror. What do you know, those little shorts actually fit me and fit me well. I could wear a TIGHT top with them and have no muffin top going on. The scale may not be changing much but I sure am! This is my NSV. What's yours?
Not much to write about today. Except these: Frozen chocolate banana pops
Oscar & Jake made them and they look good. They don't follow Jillian's recipe, these are melted Easter egg, walnuts and crushed digestive biscuits. Oh and bananas of course. It's a great way to use up leftover bananas and get your kids eating more fruit - win win!
Breakfast - Apricot & Honey porridge again - yummy!
Lunch - Vegetable soup, cracker bread, grapefruit & yoghurt
Dinner - Creamy chicken pasta bake with roasted leeks and courgettes
I will leave you with a picture of my arm (just in case you don't know what an arm looks like)  I can see some definition there lately. I love Body Revolution, it is changing my body and my mind. I feel so much stronger, like I can accomplish anything

And a picture of my 3 wise monkeys, peaceful for once x


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