Monday, 15 April 2013

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Day 36 & a Tampering Toddler!

Day 36 - Workout 5

Well I went back to exercising mid-morning rather than first thing 'cause that just wasn't working for me. I need to wake up & get some food in me if I am gonna give it all I've got! So after walking boys 1&2 to school (121 calories burnt) I came home and decided to get to it. I should have waited. I had forgotten what trying to workout with a 2 year old around was like. He hid my resistance band, he opened the door onto me while I was "scissoring" my legs, he NEEDED to get past while I was"wood chopping" and generally just distracted me. Tomorrow I will wait until he goes for his afternoon nap before attempting to workout. After all the hassle, I was not feeling workout 5 today. I felt drained and like Jillian was asking too much! The crab dips were upsetting me, I just didn't see why we had to keep doing them over & over. The moves with the resistance band (when I located it) seemed clumsy and rushed. I was glad when it was over. I burnt 274 calories though, so I'm not too disappointed.  Oh well not every workout can make you feel on top of the world. At least I showed up and pressed play, that's the main thing!

What is making me feel on top of the world today is the big burning ball of yellow that is back in the sky. It is a beautiful spring day and we have had two in a row, which always puts a smile on my face. I even managed to get out and start tidying the garden which means summer is on it's way! I am a real summer girl. Don't get me wrong I do love winter coziness - Log fires, Christmas, Snow and all that but Summer to me means kids playing in the garden from 7am to 7pm, BBQs, trips to the beach, picnics and so much more freedom. BRING IT ON!


Sunday nights dinner turned into salt & chilli BAKED chicken and egg BAKED rice. Both dishes call for frying in the recipe but not this girl. Served with leftover cheese & mushroom garlic bread. Almost any food can be adapted to fit in with your goals and to make you healthier. Picture as promised

Breakfast - Back to apricot & honey porridge today

Lunch - Home made soup, cracker bread, Kellogg's All Bran breakfast biscuit & Fat free natural youghrt (this was very sour, I may use it for cooking instead)

Dinner - Tonight I am making Tandoori griddled chicken served with roasted carrots & leeks. I may add some couscous to bring my calories up a bit.

I am interested in how many calories different people trying to lose weight consume. If you are on a weight loss journey feel free to leave a comment saying how many calories you eat, your height & weight and if it is working for you. Maybe we can all help each other find what works for us.

I still have 3 weeks until I weigh in, it feels strange not knowing if I'm going up or down. I will just keep on pushing and I know the results will follow.

I am off soon to pick up the boys from school so more calorie burning. I have missed them but today has gone very fast! Mr F & I are determined to have no wine until Friday now so I better get chugging my water. This is our own mini challenge as it is a habit we can easily slip into. We WILL succeed!

Happy Monday everyone x

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