Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Day 44

Day 44 - Workout 8

When I went to make the bed this morning and struggled to move my arms above my head I knew workout 7 had done it's magic yesterday. I didn't feel sore at all until this morning and was a bit miffed last night, I wanted to feel the burn! Well I completed workout 8 today, about half an hour ago actually and I am already having to walk down stairs side ways. My quads and glutes are SORE!

I kinda knew this was gonna be tough but a crescent pose with rear delt fly INTO warrior 3 - what was she thinking. Well I know what she was thinking - she was thinking I'm gonna burn that layer of fat right off her body with some crazy, insane moves! The pendulum lunges with balance and bicep curl will take some practice. I was a bit all over the place in that one! I found this workout fun though, there was a lot of joking and bantering going on and although some people can't stand that when they are working out, I find a little laughter helps me to push through. The rock star jumps were MAD. I was really focusing on getting as high as I could and I felt a bit like a little kid jumping up and down.

All in all a good workout & I burnt 251 calories.

 Yesterday's dinner
Lean beef chilli served over white cabbage, topped with roasted leeks, mushrooms and carrots.
I really enjoyed this and didn't miss the pasta or rice I would normally have served under the chilli.
From now on I will post my meals from the day before so you get to see a whole days food at a time. So you all will have to wait to see my Delicious creations from today :)
In other news.......
1. My beloved Mr F has started his very own Body Revolution. Yes folks that's right he's jumping on the Jillian Michaels weight loss band wagon. He completed workout 1 last night and found it "not too bad" Bahahaha - just you wait!
2. The 3 monkeys LOVE my new workout mats. They are now car driving mats, Lego building mats & lets practice our cartwheels mats!
3. I have drunk so much water today I may as well just move into the bathroom!
4. My arms are getting progressively sorer as I type this - Thank you Jillian
And that is what we are all aiming for - A strong, healthy body
Until tomorrow peeps - remember to Keep Pushing x

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