Thursday, 4 April 2013

Spots, Splodges & Sweeties

Guess what? I didn't get to run today. Surprised? I'm not. After his double ear infection and antibiotics last week, Oscar has still not been himself.
This morning when I dressed him, this is what I found

His face does not normally have that red cheek, pale chin look

So it was off to the Doctor (again) for us. We could only get an emergency appointment which meant a 1 hour wait in which time Oscar was completely hyper active! Running round, handing out magazines to elderly people, trying to climb up the windows! I mean really we should have left right then, he was obviously NOT seriously ill but I sat there for an hour, I was going to get my money (or times) worth!

Anyhow my little angel now has a pot to pee in, that will be fun considering he is not potty trained yet and he still has an infected ear. No antibiotics as they would mess up the urine test so back home we came. I'm glad we took him though, I'm sure any parent knows how I felt when I saw a rash, it needed checking even if it was a waste of time.


Well the decorating of the boys room is complete. And ruby decided to get in on the action. So here you go - a splodged dog
Yes she is very dumb, but also very affectionate
So do you like my new blog header? Yes those are really our hands. They are also really our kids. And I am afraid to say - yes - those really are my workout shoes, used an all! I am slowly but surely getting the hang of this blogging thing - next up - a blog button.
Who noticed my mistake yesterday? When I put what treats were tormenting me I forgot to actually photograph the treats.
So here they are
(and yes, even opening the lid to take the photo meant I had to eat one - another 50 calories down!)
Please bear in mind these were FULL last week. Each tub contains (or did) 3000 calories!
So thank you Mr F's Mum, but please don't buy me industrial sized boxes of sweeties.
I am now starting C25K AND phase 2 of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution on Monday. Hopefully sick children and bad backs will be recovered by then.
I am seriously considering starting to get up at 5am to get my workouts in. I don't mind getting up early, I get up at 5.50 am anyway, I am just worried I will disturb the neighbours. I may try for a week or two and then casually mention it to them to see what they say. Although if they hear ANYTHING I am positive they will tell me. When we moved in Mr F had a Mitsubishi Evolution and used to leave for work at 5am. It was noisy but started and gone within seconds. Mr Neighbour soon came round and politely asked us to buy a new car as it was waking them up. Well we did quickly purchase a new car (much to Mr F's dismay) but this was due to the 100 mile a day commute and the cost of fuel, not the neighbours. Then there was the time Mr Neighbour informed us that our cat may be "doing her business" in his garden and would I please make her stop. So I took said cat aside, had a quiet word and we have heard nothing since. Anyway, working out at 5am would get it done before anything else has the chance to jump in my way.
So I will be back tomorrow but no workout :( BUT I will be back to BR and C25K on Monday so watch this space.
Until then - Keep Pushing

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