Saturday, 27 April 2013

Lonely Kittens & Happy Reunions

Do you know what? I miss Body Revolution. Like REALLY miss it. Like a little lost kitten misses it's mother (more on that later!) I miss the feeling of pride and accomplishment that no matter what, everyday I showed up & pressed play. I was motivating others too. I promised myself I WOULD NOT QUIT. 
I got frustrated that I was seeing no weight loss. I was kidding myself that by some insane miracle, Jillian's workout was to blame. I mean think about it, really? The lady has made millions by using the EXACT same methods on the biggest loser and those contestants lost a shit tonne of weight!
Something doesn't add up. So I had a good, long, HONEST think about the last few months. Here's what I came up with:
 Did I honestly log EVERY single thing I ate & drank - No not really, I thought I was but in all reality I was only really logging my 3 main meals & snacks. Those little bites of the kids dinner, those glasses of wine in the evening, those weekends when I didn't really log anything because it was the weekend. Before Christmas when I was losing every single week, I was logging everything on my weight watchers log sheet. EVERYTHING! and do you know why I think I may have been more honest then? Because only I could see it. On MFP I had other people viewing my diary and I didn't want to be honest about that sausage off the boys plate, or the fact I had so much wine on a Saturday that I couldn't actually remember!
So could it be that I was actually eating too much? Even with all the working out was I just out eating my exercise - even unknowingly? Perhaps the workouts were never the problem, perhaps I just need to be honest with myself like I was before.
I won't know and that's frustrating because if I had logged everything that passed my lips I would at least know what was not working. So lesson learned. I will now log EVERY morsel. I will count points (it just works for me) and I will write it on my WW log sheet. 
Being honest with yourself is hard, working out is hard, having discipline is hard, being fat is hard - I just need to choose my hard
I was disciplined in my workouts, I showed up 6 times a week, sometimes more. I need to find that discipline in my diet, in my logging, in my choices.
I will find it. I will succeed.
I am going to Normandy, France in 6 weeks time. If I pick up Body Revolution where I left off I can complete all workouts by then (except the extra 13th week which is a repeat of weeks 11 & 12, that was only added to make it a 90 day programme to compete with P90 X, TapouT XT and the other 90 day programmes out there)
I will be running instead of the cardio workouts. I can't do both at the moment so something will have to give. I am good with that though. If I can fit in one extra run a week to make it 3 I will. If not, then so be it.
I will stick to a points value that works for me or that has worked for me before. I will not get caught up in BMR & TDEE & starvation mode. Just keep it simple. Honest logging and good foods.
So yay - here we go again - watch this space for some decent results! This is all about a lifestyle change for me but short term challenges & goals help to motivate you when the big picture seems - well - big!
So I challenge myself in the next 6 weeks to:
Complete Body Revolution
Complete C25K Training
To refrain from alcohol Mon - Thurs
To honestly log every thing I eat - every day
To weigh in every Saturday & post the results NO MATTER WHAT!
I give you, my readers, permission to yell, scream, cuss (all cyber-tronically of course!) if I slip or become slack in following through. 
If any one wants to join me & have me post your story along with your weekly weigh in - measure - whatever, please leave a comment and we'll get you featured! We can push each other to become Hot Mommas by Summer!

 Saturday Scale Status 27/04/2013 = 166 lbs

OK so I know you're dying to know about the sad kitty thing so here goes. You may remember on Thursday I was harping on about what a lovely, sunny day it was? So we all spent some time in the garden. When it was time to come in I left it to Mr F to lock the shed. So he did. With the cat in it. Fast forward to Saturday morning & I realised I had not seen Vader at the kitchen window waiting to come in like she does every morning. So I opened the back door and called her. Her response was a heart broken meowing coming from the shed. I rushed out pj's an all and rescued my poor kitty from her prison. She was fine - angry - but fine. She was also starving hungry (well you would be after 36 hours with no food!) She is an independent cat and does wander in and out all day so I didn't really notice she was missing until this morning, although I did say to Mr F last night that I hadn't seen her all day. Well lesson learnt (on both sides I hope) she needs to stay out of places she doesn't belong and we need to make sure the sheds are empty before locking them!

This is how tiny she was when we first got her - so cute!
Iron man was a good film although JJ was a fidget like I knew he would be. Both boys lasted until the end though, which at 9.30 is late for them. Yes all 3 of my children go to bed between 6.30 & 7pm. I love them dearly but by then I NEED A BREAK! & they need their sleep so it's all good!
I am off to plan my meals and snacks for the week. If I plan it out I am more likely to stick with it rather than just trying to wing it.
Wish me luck x


  1. Yay! You're back! You are so right about being honest with yourself when logging calories or points. It is so easy to say well I just had one bite or a little bit, but a little bit adds up over time. I did the same thing on MFP diary when I made it public but then decided that really what I ate every single day did not need to be public knowledge so I made my diary private. I still log into MFP for motivation and support but don't log my food all the time. I am trying to find the correlation between calories and points but I love counting points so much more b/c it makes it so easy. It calculates the fat, protein, carbs, fiber, and calories for you which is where I think I went wrong. I was paying attention to calories and not enough to those other things that really do make a difference and with my busy life I just need everything to be as easy as possible. Enjoy workout 7 the first time first circuit is difficult but like always it gets easier every time you do it! Again I am so glad you are back with JMBR and don't worry we are gonna kick some fat cells butts! Lol skinny momma's by summer! :)

  2. I agree about points being easy, I like the fact that you can fill up on vegetables so you never really feel hungry. I am excited to be back to Body Revolution. I feel like I can really give it my all and clean up my eating for some great results x We can do this!