Sunday, 14 April 2013

Body Revolution Days 34 & 35 & C25K Week 4 Day 1 - Back to school blues!

Day 34 - Cardio 2 & C25K Week 4 Workout 1

Yes I skipped ahead to week 4 on the Couch to 5K programme. I have run before so I want to start somewhere that will challenge me. Trust me, jumping on the treadmill straight after completing Cardio 2 of Body Revolution, it definitely DID challenge me. That's better, I will go from there. This run/walk burnt 317 calories. I must sort out the music on my Ipod because halfway through it started playing Christmas songs! Now I love Christmas songs as much as the next girl BUT - Not very motivating on a sunny day in April.

Cardio 2 was FUN again. I'm not sure why I love this so much? I think Jillian and the team have a really positive attitude and it forces me to push myself. I have found with the "skiers" that if I twist my hips fully each jump, I keep time much better than just little moves. Otherwise I feel like I'm going double time! I have to keep chanting side - centre - side - centre to keep me focused lol! The skaters that I had to modify to step touch in 30 day shred seem easy in comparison to back then. It shows that Jillian Michaels Body Revolution is not just a weight loss programme, you will also gain strength and stamina - FAST! The hooks and upper cuts make me feel strong - like a fighter. I'm not sure I look strong, I probably look more like your grandad dances to disco at a wedding, but I FEEL strong! I'm pretty sure I also look ridiculous during high knees but that's ok because it's how I look AFTER the programme that counts. Total calorie burn for this was 345 calories.

In the afternoon Mr F & I took the boys swimming. No great calorie burn there as it was just a lot of lifting Oscar out of the water and catching him as he jumped back in. There are water slides and a wave machine and the boys loved it. After the two intensive workouts I had done in the morning, it was lovely to sit in the Jacuzzi pool and let my muscles relax. Honestly the temperature was like bath water - well not MY bath water as Mr F says you could boil a lobster in it! but it was warm.

I didn't take my HRM much to the boys dismay, they are thrilled with the fact it is waterproof and want to see it in action under water! Crazy kids. I love my HRM. It is fantastic to know what you actually burn during a workout and it pushes me to go harder because I don't want to see a lower burn than the last time I did that workout. I also left it on after my 2 workouts yesterday while my heart rate came back to normal and I burnt another 73 calories just sitting chatting to Mr F for 13 minutes. I know they are not accurate when worn all day but when your heart rate is elevated they are pretty spot on. I have the Polar FT 7 and I wouldn't be without it now.

Day 35 - Rest

This is a tough one for me, when you get into the habit of working out 6 days a week it is hard to stop and take a rest day. I am a creature of habit and I feel RESTLESS not RESTED! I will throw myself into other things to keep me busy and enjoy the time but I will be back at it HARD tomorrow.

Plans for today:

1. Get older boys School uniform ready for back to school tomorrow and ensure home work is done and books are read etc.

2. Put away the MOUNTAIN of clean washing that has accumulated in the spare room.

3. Make a delicious dinner (not sure what yet, any ideas?)

4. Sneak in a little book reading. I have persevered with the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and I am now on book 3. I'm glad I stuck to it because It is really interesting now.

5. When the boys are in bed, get some snuggle time with Mr F and watch the second half of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Another perseverance job, we started it months ago and watched 10 minutes before switching it off. We put it on as a last resort last night and got hooked. It is a much different story than I anticipated and a really good film.


Friday Dinner - I ended up making this yummy salad with BBQ chicken, onions and peppers topped with Mexican cheddar & green olives
Breakfast - 
Saturday I had Sausage mushroom and onion scramble.
Today I had a treat. 2 English muffins topped with tinned tomatoes and grated cheddar browned under the grill.

Lunch -
Saturday was a quick mug of soup before swimming
Today will most likely be the same  
Dinner -
Saturday was lemon, garlic & black pepper chicken with jalapeno poppers and cheese & mushroom garlic bread (What? it was a Saturday night!)
Today  I am thinking maybe Chinese chicken curry with broccoli & potato - photos tomorrow
So that's my Sunday plan, who knows what will actually happen though. Mr F is out working on both cars so the boys have gone out to be designated helpers. So cute to see them passing him spanners and wrenches! There is a definite "back to school" atmosphere in the house today. Bailey is sombre & sulky, Jake is excited and Oscar is just Oscar. I on the other hand am feeling bitter-sweet. I love having the boys home but am looking forward to getting back into our daily routine.
Are your little ones back to school yet? Do you miss them or secretly relish the peace?
Until tomorrow  - remember to keep pushing x

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