Monday, 8 April 2013

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Day 29 & C25K Day 1

Day 29 - Workout 5 & Hello Phase 2!

I'm Ba-ack! As promised I got up at 5.50 am this morning and did workout 5. This morning routine needs tweaking a little to get it right but as it is still school holidays here, I've got the next week to perfect it. I could do with getting up 10 minutes earlier and making sure I have my workout clothes ready along with the laptop, weights, mat and band set up. I also need to store about 50 hair ties in the dining room as I can never find one when I need one (where DO they go? I'm the only female in the house aside from the cat and dog and they both have short hair!)  I need to be out of the dining room by 6.30 to make Mr F & the Boys packed lunches and so Mr F can iron his work clothes in there (no, I don't iron them for him - he's a big boy)

Anyway - the workout. The warm up WTF is that? Jillian was all like "just watch me once then you go" well I think I sort of kept up but not 100% as she intended. On the first run through of any unknown workout I feel clumsy and awkward and I get such a sense of relief when I get a move that I know how to do perfectly. It does get better next time though. I think I need to swap back to my yellow resistance band because I can't get my arms any where near straight with the pulls and the punches are too low. I will try that tomorrow and see how it compares. Obviously I don't want to make it too easy BUT I also want to be able to actually do the move with correct form. I took it easier on my back today so I used my 5lb weight for the one legged weighted squat but next time I will go with my 10 lbs. The pushup with side plank raise was not happening for me today. I need to work on my full push ups so I did those instead and I don't know if it was the week rest I had but I actually managed some! So I will keep working on those and get better until I can do them with ease. I know it will come I just have to keep pushing.

Calorie burn for this workout 282

C25K Week 1 - Day 1

I'm going all out today lol. I decided to restart my C25K today along side BR. I feel as I am not doing the 1 hour cardio a day that is the school run, I can fit a few extra runs in here and there. Being that I graduated from this programme about 2 years ago and have consistently run 30 - 40 minutes at a time since, it feels quite frustrating to be back at the beginning. Every time I got into my jog the pod cast told me to walk! I am doing it from the start because I haven't run since starting BR which is 5 or 6 weeks and I want to up my speed and run at a slight incline to prepare me for outdoor running. I know this programme works, so I will stick with it and trust the process.

One thing I found interesting was the calorie burn. I always thought treadmills WAY over estimated calorie burn but this is what my treadmill said

265 calories burnt

And THIS is what my HRM said

287 calories burnt  - only a difference of 22 calories over 30 minutes.


This morning I weighed 166 lbs. So a 2 lb loss for phase 1. I am not unhappy with that, 0.5 lb a week is still ok and I had a lot of obstacles (sick children, bad back, husband home) I know I didn't eat as well as I could have and you can't out train a bad diet. I am back to my healthy foods this week and I love it. I must drink more water (& less wine) I am tempted NOT to weigh again until the end of phase 2. I know if I eat right and workout hard I am doing the best for my body that I can and I don't want the scale number to discourage me.


Breakfast - 1 slice toast with cheese spread, 2 scrambled eggs and a nice mug of tea!

Lunch - Vegetable soup, crisp breads and grapefruit with yoghurt.
Dinner - Creamy chicken pasta bake with roast leeks and peppers
I feel really good about myself for doing TWO workouts today. I feel in a better place than last week when all I was thinking was how much exercise I was missing and how I would never be able to get back to it. It just goes to show you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to, you just have to want it enough. And I really, really want to be fit, healthy and maybe a little HOT! 
Until tomorrow x 


  1. Yay! Glad you are back at it!

  2. Jillian is hard to follow sometimes :) I look forward to following your success!