Friday, 19 April 2013

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes (Turn & face the strain)

OK so I can't sing which is a good thing you can't hear me. But listen up there's gonna be some changes up in here!

This could get kinda long, so turn off the phone, grab a drink and get comfy. If you need to pee do so now. I'll wait. Go.

OK are we ready?

I. AM. BURNT. OUT. There I said it.

I have been working out 2-3 times a day, 6 days a week and lost no weight or significant inches (read dress sizes) for 4 months! I am fed up.

I realised I was becoming OBSESSED with food and what I can and can't eat (& drink). I was in a cycle of constantly under eating - over eating - punishing myself by under eating again and so on and so on.

This actually hit me on Wednesday when, because I had gone slightly over calories Tuesday, I had a small chicken breast and a few veg for my dinner. It was 207 calories. I had not eaten since 11am and this was 7.30 pm. I had also burnt over 800 calories through exercise that day. Not good. Alarm bells started ringing (thankfully!)

This has been happening more and more often.

By severely restricting myself I am getting into a binge - starve behaviour which is only one step from binge - purge behaviour.

I love food and I love life. I do not want to be constantly obsessing about how many calories I shove in my cake hole and how I can burn them off again.

So I have decided to strip it right back to basics. After reading some inspirational posts from other weight loss bloggers, Here & Here I asked myself a few questions.

How did you lose 24lbs? - By counting old school weight watcher points & running

Why did you stop doing that? - I stopped counting points because I got hooked on MyFitnessPal and everyone else was counting calories.

I stopped running because again, my obsession with weight loss forums told me strength training = good, cardio (running) = waste of time.

What did you gain by changing things? About 3lbs - No seriously it's true. I have gone up & down the SAME 3 lbs since Christmas. Before Christmas (running and point counting) I was losing 1-2 lb a week. EVERY WEEK!

Apart from eating good food & drinking wine, what do you love to do? RUN. Running gives me a high that I don't get with any other exercise. I actually smile when I run! I want to run further & longer & enter races and BE a RUNNER!

After honestly answering these questions I have decided to pause Body Revolution.

I will continue to re-do C25K 3 times a week at least.

I will eat 3 balanced meals a day. I may count the calories, I may count the WW points, I may just be sensible. I will not drink alcohol Monday - Friday. I will have MODERATE treats at the weekends (not complete and utter all out binges!)

I have decided to stop logging in to MyFitnessPal every day. I will continue to blog about my journey and read the blogs that inspire me. I will be happy to support any of you in your journeys if I can but I no longer feel reading the forums on there every day is good for me. There will always be another post on why running is bad or how we should all eat 600 calories a day or no, wait actually this week it's 3500 calories or whatever! What I mean is there will always be something that works for someone else. I am going to stop being a sheep & focus on what works for me. So there! 

I know I can do this and I can do it for life. That is after all, my main goal (after reaching 140lbs that is - and yes the number on the scale DOES matter to me)

I got too caught up in what other people were doing and what was making them successful. I ignored the fact that I was already successful and you know what they say "If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it!"

I may cut back my posts to 3-4 times a week other than every day. I am getting into pinterest and will start sharing some more recipes, fashion looks and exercises I find there.

I am not saying I will never do anything other than run, but for now that is what I want to do. I may add some arm exercises to keep the bingo wings at bay, but I'm talking while watching TV or watching the boys take a bath. Nothing to scheduled.

So there you have it (if you are still awake) Those are the ch ch ch ch changes - Sorry, cant help myself.

I must leave you with a few shots of what I saw on the school run yesterday.

This is the view of Master O in his buggy. Minus trousers.
Why he felt the need to remove them and show his booty to the world I will never know.

He is a clown & I love him
He also took this photo of me this morning with my phone
Ah it was a bad hair day anyway


  1. Can't say that I blame you a I have had very little success on that darn scale, but in my own personal experience I have lost inches that absolutely would not budge at all since 2010! Yep I have a measurement and weight journal that I update every time I start one of these many diets. That is one thing I am proud of so I just have to finish to see if I can lose more. I myself have doing the same MFP research as to how many calories I should eat b/c I need that scale to move!!!!! Grrrr! I too have been thinking about going back to weight watchers which really is the only thing that has worked for me in the past. Good luck with your running and regardless of what program you are doing you are still very inspirational just b/c you don't quit trying!

  2. Thanks Becky, I have to say this comment brought tears to my eyes. To think that I actually inspire anyone blows me away! Good on you for continuing with your Body Revolution. Like I said, we all need to focus on what works for us, not anyone else. I am looking forward to progressing with my running and increasing my distance (& losing pounds!). I will continue to follow your progress on your blog and to update my progress on here

    Thank you again, Vicki xxx

  3. Hi there from another MFP-er who has been in your shoes. It's a great site and the support can be helpful, until the information overload actually becomes a hinderance. Wishing you well on finding the balance and combo that works for you - and I look forward to following your blog as you move forward. You got this! :)PS - Have fun running! :)

  4. Hi Hungry girl (love that by the way!)

    Thank you for your comment, it is always nice to know that I'm not the only one who gets bogged down by too much information! It is a great site but finding what works for me and me alone is the only way I'm ever gonna beat this thing once and for all. I have checked out your blog and look forward to following your journey aswell (totally jealous of where you live btw!)

    Good luck & I hope to "speak" more to you soon