Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Body Revolution Day 31 & C25K - Cardio Heaven!

Day 31 - Cardio 2

So today I was going to do C25K INSTEAD of cardio 2 but curiosity was getting the better of me and I was itching to see what cardio 2 had to offer. In a word - WOW! That was great. I have completely changed my mind about REPLACING cardio 2 with C25K, I now have to fit them both in because that was fun. Don't get me wrong, I sweat, I cursed and I'm pretty sure I went a little dizzy but I GOT. IT. DONE.

Each move is only done for 30 seconds so I think this made it easier to push through. The transitions are very quick so you have little time (if any) to recover between sets. Good old Butt kicks and high knees are here again and I really pushed hard on these. Fast feet comes back (have you watched David do this? He is insane!) I dislike towel runs just because my mat slips about and when I don't do them on the mat it must sound like a heard of elephants running around! I am just grateful that my parents house is the one NOT attached to us and that the couple that are attached are quite deaf now!
The end of each circuit brings out the burpees. I did these at my own pace and didn't stop. I doubt if I did as many as they did on the DVD but I will get better. Calorie burn for this awesome workout was

331 calories!

As soon as I finished this workout I went straight onto.......

C25K Week 3 - Day 1

Nope, you haven't missed 2 weeks of posts I have done Week 3 day 1 today instead of week 1 day 2. This is after my conversation with Mr F last night that went something like this

Me: "My run really frustrated me the other day, I know I can run longer than that"

Mr F: "Why don't you then?"

Me: "Because I want to build up my endurance"

Mr F: "It's called COUCH to 5K, are you currently exercising?"

Me: !"£$%^&*<>?:@{ - Very long sentence of expletives, mumble Jillian Michaels, mumble Body Revolution, mumble lost 24 lbs!"

Mr F: So you are not starting from the couch, skip a couple of weeks so it doesn't frustrate you and darling please don't use that language"

So I did it plus an extra 5 minutes at the end and burned

(forgot to start my HRM until I had already walked 5 minutes - Doh!)

So my total calorie burn today was 635 calories - not bad at all :)


As promised - last night's Lemon pepper & garlic chicken salad served with pecorino cheese croutons, walnuts & couscous
It was Da Bomb!
I will DEFINITELY be doing the chicken that way again. I put 2 chicken breasts in a sandwich bag and added lemon juice, garlic powder, and Jamie Oliver's Schezuan seasoning then pounded it flat and left for about 4 hours. When it was time to cook, I got out my George Foreman griddle and cooked it on there. It was so juicy and flavourful.
Breakfast - Today I tried this:
and it was really nice. with 180ml skimmed milk (it suggests semi skimmed) it worked out at just under 200 calories. Quick & simple too, which is always a good thing!
Lunch -  The usual suspects ha ha ha! Soup (a mixture of broccoli & Roquefort & Vegetable) Crisp breads with cheese spread & fruit with yoghurt 
Dinner - This will be leftover chilli made with lean minced beef served with roasted vegetables (whichever ones need using up most)
I had a good day yesterday until the evening when the wine called to me. So I had a couple of glasses, which is fine. BUT then I get peckish so I start to pick. I had a few olives, some Mexican cheddar and a couple of baked crackers. Not too bad really but then I went into the spare room (where I had hidden the Easter jelly sweets) and had a snake and 2 dummies! The wine dampens my will power and then I just think oh well never mind. It wasn't horrendous or a crazy binge but it wasn't what I wanted to do. I am a human though and we all make mistakes. Today is a new day and I will be strong. No wine or sweets today, just good, healthy fuel for my body.
I wanted to post what I ate because if I stay honest to YOU & ME then it will help ME stay on the right path. I also want YOU to know that you can have bad days and get over it. There is no need to throw in the towel because of one day of bad choices. Just pick yourself up and get back on that horse (or whatever!) 
So the terrible trio have gone next door to Nanny's house for a few hours so I have a little time to myself. I think a hot bath is in order to soothe my aching muscles. I am still between books at the moment, I can't get into the Brotherhood series. On my kindle I also have THIS "Reckless" by S C Stephens. It is the 3rd book in the series about a young rock star that falls for the wrong person. The first 2 were very addictive so I may lay among the bubbles and get stuck in! We all need a little time to relax and unwind especially when we are pushing our bodies to their limits!
I will leave you with one last photo of my bruised baby from last night
As you can see, he is still as happy as can be - Kids are so resilient!
Enjoy life today & Keep Pushing x


  1. Wow! Great calorie burn! Keep up the great work!

  2. wow yours doing so well!! what happened to your little boy? x

  3. Hi Jaime,

    Thank you for the comment.

    My 5 year old fell out of bed and hit the bedside cabinet. I think it is because we have just moved his bed and he thought the wall was there to lean against! I felt bad as I just put him back to bed, thinking he had just bumped it!

    Take care Vicki xx