Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lego & Laughter

I had a post all ready to go on Sunday, then with one thing and another I got side tracked so I'll start today by going back to Sunday (That means if you don't work Sundays you can all take the day off - You're welcome)

So my Sunday went a little like this:

Aaah - Peace (no not in a hippy "peace man" kinda way)
I mean that it is 6.37 am on a SUNDAY morning and I am the only one up. Thank you to one of my school mum friends for throwing a birthday party at a soft play area - at night.
That is some kind of genius right there. Kids run round - get worn out - come home to bed - parents get a lay in. It ALMOST excuses spending our Saturday evening in a soft play area in the first place!
We are so Hardcore!
 Excited for the party

Scrap that, it is now 6.45 & I have Jakey boy chattering in one ear and the elephant like stomps coming from upstairs alert me to the fact that the rest of the clan are on their way.
My little J is sooo funny. As a toddler he used to sleep walk a bit but seemed to grow out of it. Well last night there was a big crash and after last weeks head banging incident Mr F didn't hesitate to run to his room (fantastic mummy that I am, I was completely sparko - didn't hear a thing!) and found him trying to get into the cupboard!

Ba ha ha ha - where did we get that child?

The rest of Sunday was crazy manic so instead of sending Mr F to work on Monday, we decided to be responsible parents & keep the boys off school - purely for educational purposes of course!

and took them here

What? They are only young once!

We had a fantastic day and I really ache today from all the walking.

It was worth it to see the pure joy on their faces all day long.

Pure joy until this one...

Jake is convinced Lego Indiana Jones cracked him one with his whip!

So he hit him back!

Today, although I am shattered, I will be doing Week 5 Day 1 of C25K. I am back on it like a car bonnet baby! (what does that even mean?)

From now on I will do a weekly weigh in. So here you have this weeks weight

166 lbs

I am hoping next week will see that move down to 164 but we shall see.

Until tomorrow x


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