Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sunshine, Steak & Cake!

Howdy friends, it's another beautiful sunny day here in South East England. I actually got a bit sun burned yesterday sitting in the garden watching the boys play.
I love little O's look of absolute adoration at big brother J (yes I really need to get a new trampoline net, they have trashed it)

Cool dude

I know the weather wont last so I am making the most of it.
C25K did not happen yesterday due to glorious sunshine and Mr F & I heading out for dinner when he got in from work. It is nice to get out to eat without the boys sometimes, I can actually sit and enjoy a meal without making endless trips to the toilet or wiping up spills or cutting up food - well I do cut my own up, I don't just shove a whole hunk of steak in my mouth!
Here is my steak & ribs combo
See that teeny tiny pot on the left? that is a serving of coleslaw
Hardly a serving, more like a teaspoon!
Mr F had this desert and I shared a few spoonfuls
It was a lovely evening
Today little O & I are out to breakfast with my parents.
Yes this week I have not done well with operation skinny Vicki! After quitting MyFitnessPal & taking a break from Body Revolution I am struggling to get back into running and point counting. I know it works FOR ME but not if I don't actually enforce it. I need that mind shift to happen - you know the one when it just suddenly "clicks" and you think "yeah, I can do this!" It's coming and I just gotta KEEP PUSHING! & so do you, together we can take this all the way!
I know I wanted to see 164 lbs on Monday BUT if I maintain 166 I will be pleased. Although I am trying to lose weight I also need to learn how to eat to MAINTAIN weight when I get to my goal. If I have a few weeks along the way where we eat out, it teaches me how to do so sensibly WITHOUT gaining. This is all about a lifestyle change for me and that includes mixing the good days with the not so good days. I am not interested in fad diets or quick fixes that cause me to starve myself then gain all the weight back when I start to eat normally again.
However, I need to understand that one cheat meal does not need to = a cheat DAY & should not turn into a cheat WEEK!
 I think that should be my new mantra "You can't compete with what you eat!"
I need to get my exercise head back on and I am really missing Jillian and my workouts with her, but as I said to a friend, it is only a temporary seperation. We will get back together eventually! For now running is to be my priority.
Hope you all have good weather in your part of the world today
Until tomorrow remember to just Keep Pushing! 

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