Monday, 29 April 2013

Seaside Walks & Body Revolution Day 43

Day 43 - Workout 7

I wanted to run right up to the screen this morning and give Jillian a big 'ole kiss hello! I was raring to go. Well I was actually a little nervous to be honest. After my calorie obsession, workout overload freak out I wasn't sure if I was ready to jump right back in at workout 7 but I did and I'm glad.

There was nothing too crazy in here although there are a lot of push up/plank moves. I just kept up as best I could and when I needed to modify, I did. The plank walk feels awkward, Jillian tells you to drag your feet but when you watch some of the others they are walking their feet so that's what I did. Crow push ups look great on screen but I'm pretty sure mine did not look so graceful! still at least I was trying! The hop around the mat things were funny, I just sort of made up my own little hop pattern and kept moving. There is a move similar to one from the 30 day shred where you extend one leg whilst raising the weights above your head. Having done this before I found it ok but with 10 lb weights I'm sure I will feel it tomorrow.

I am really glad I decided to push on with this programme. It gives me such a feeling of pride that I have pushed my body to it's limits each day. I am positive that with the correct eating habits to accompany it, the results are going to be great.

Speaking of eating habits I have taken a good long look at my diet (I mean what I eat, not as in on a diet) I am trying to clean it up a lot. Cutting out white bread, white pasta, certain processed foods and replacing them with healthier alternatives. I am chugging down gallons of water (and peeing every 5 minutes) Every time I feel like having something I haven't planned for or that I know I shouldn't I am going to say to myself "can you just do it today?" If I can just get today done then I can focus on tomorrow and the next day. Taking each day one step at a time. Making the right choices just for today and worrying about tomorrow when it comes.

This mornings "cleaner" breakfast looked like this

1 wholemeal pitta bread with a spicy bean filling. I just took 1 tin of kidney beans and 1 tin of baked beans and simmered them together with some chilli powder & cumin.

I have 4 portions of this made for the rest of the week along with couscous for Mr F's lunches

Here is Saturday night's Chinese curry as promised

Tonight I am having some extra lean beef chilli from the freezer served over white cabbage instead of pasta & roasted leeks, mushrooms & carrots
I have finally found a solution to my slippy mat issues.
Interlocking play mats!
They don't move AND I have a really pretty work space haha

Sunday afternoon we took the boys out on their bikes with my parents.

Nanny & the boys
We are so lucky to live by the coast, it was a beautiful day

Oscar & Grandad
I am feeling positive about this week, I hope you are all giving it your all and pushing onwards x

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