Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Body Revolution Day 30 & Lumps & Bumps

Day 30 - Workout 6

Today was my first time on workout 6. It's a tough one but totally do-able once you get the hang of it. I did not get up 10 minutes earlier today but I should have. I felt rushed and not quite awake. Then I forgot to wet the strap on my HRM (heart rate monitor) so it dropped out after 2 minutes and I had to splash some water on while I was wearing it from my glass I was going to drink (No I didn't drink it after I had stuck my sweaty hand in it!) so no accurate calorie burn for today.

Onto the moves. There is more ab work in here which surprisingly felt good. Not sure that it will feel good tomorrow though! The lateral pull over with very high crunch was good but I did only use my 5 lbs for it, not sure I would have lifted my arms otherwise. Oh my, WEIGHTED SUPER MANS - why Jillian, why? I used ONE 5 lb weight for these, two would just not have worked for me - yet! Running man comes back briefly and then is gone again. Plank rows were FUN! I know that sounds strange but you know sometimes you go into a move thinking "I wont be very good at this" and then you are and it feels good. I felt good doing the plank rows and could feel all my muscles screaming so I was a happy bunny :) I need to work on my form for the lunge chops, I have a reasonable size workout space but there is still a dining table with glass panels quite close to me and I'm conscious of not swinging right into that! I think I need to do that one really slowly for a few practice goes so I can get my form perfect before I speed it up.


Last night I had the creamy chicken bake from HERE  and I wanted to put up a picture of it. I halved the courgette and added some broccoli for a change, it was really nice.

Before cooking

Cooked and leftovers portioned up ready to freeze

Breakfast - 2 slices of toast with low fat cream cheese & cherry tomatoes

Lunch - Broccoli & Roquefort cheese soup, cracker wheat with cheese spread, fruit and yoghurt

Dinner - Lemon & garlic chicken salad with pecorino cheese croutons and walnuts served with lemon & coriander couscous (photo tomorrow)

My sweet little Jake came in my room in the night complaining about his head. In my sleep fuddled brain I just cuddled him and put him back to bed. This morning he came down looking like this

It doesn't show anywhere near how swollen his nose is, he looks like a boxer - that lost!

Since we have changed the position of his bed, he keeps rolling over thinking he'll touch the wall but instead falls out and bangs his head on the bedside cabinet! My poor little guy, he has such a quiet innocent nature and it just makes me feel worse when he gets hurt! I'm such a softie. Tonight I am going to put a pillow between him and the cabinet and a spare duvet on the floor until he gets used to his new position lol.

To cheer him up I am taking the 3 boys to an indoor soft play area so they can run around and scream to their hearts content! (while I sit with a coffee and pretend I don't know them - kidding! or am I?)

No C25K today, I will be doing that in place of cardio 2 tomorrow.

Good night & remember to keep pushing x

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