Friday, 26 April 2013

Skinny Anger

Running has been an epic FAIL this week. Life got in the way & I still have bad pain in my shins when I walk. I really hope it's just muscle soreness from all the walking and carrying Oscar around Legoland on Monday. I WILL do it next week & it's not like I've done nothing, I have still walked for an hour a day (6 on Monday!) and have done some arm weights. I still want those Jillian Michaels shoulders that I've been aiming for the last couple of months!

Do you ever feel angry that you're not naturally slim? I do or I should say that I did. I'd see someone out with a newborn and instead of cooing over the baby I'd be checking out the new mother. I would think how come she's so slim and she has a BABY! That's not right I looked flabby & squishy post baby why doesn't she? Or the mum in the playground who is constantly eating when I see her - crisps, chocolate - cakes - you name it she eats it, she is never without food. she never works out and just laughs it off "oh yeah I can never put on weight, It's sooo hard" WTF! have some of mine, no really TAKE IT!

But recently my attitude has changed. I no longer feel jealous of those naturally slim people. Why? Because I am EARNING my body. I workout hard. I eat well (mostly!) I'm not naturally slim and I have to work bloody hard to get to where I want to be and that makes me proud! I will continue to make myself proud everyday. I will NOT give up just because I was dealt fatty genes (and I don't want to wear fatty jeans)

Be proud of what YOU have accomplished and how strong and healthy YOU are making yourself!

Food has been balanced between the very good & the not so good. One meal that was really good (and healthy) was this
Jamaican Jerk chicken salad with roasted vegetable couscous

I am planning a Chinese chicken & vegetable curry for the weekend - all low fat, low calorie & packed with veggies. I just use garlic, Cumin powder, Coriander powder, Chilli powder, Garam masala and a crushed chicken stock cube. Combine the spices and fry in a teaspoon of oil. Then add water and cornflour and reduce to make the desired sauce thickness. Stir fry some chicken breast & onions and add that and your other veg to the sauce. Simmer for 30 minutes and add half a teaspoon of turmeric if desired (makes a more yellow Chinese looking sauce) Will post photos at the weekend

Tonight will be a quick oven chicken & spicy baked beans dinner because...
 Mr F & I are taking the older boys to see this
When I say older I mean 5 & 7 but it is a 12A so they are allowed to see it. Big B will sit through anything, he is a film buff like his daddy. JJ I'm not so sure, he is a fidget and I normally spend the entire film telling him to sit still! This is the first "adult" film they have seen though & the first one at night, we usually go in the daytime so hopefully he will be better.
I can't wait until we can take little O with us but he is just too young at the moment.
I love having my boys all together
 Although this lovely scene quickly turned into this
Dog Pile!
Happy Friday peeps xoxo 


  1. I totally understand this "skinny anger". My sisters are all under 115 lbs and can eat anything they want while I can just look at food and I swear the fat from it just jumps on my hips, stomach, and backside! Haha. One of my sisters once said after having one of her children that she was 110 lbs and just had to lose some weight. I told her to just come and stand next to me and my fatness would make her feel better. I have also heard of people getting butt implants and I always think....hey you can have my fat from my backside I will even donate it for free!!!! Bahahaha!

  2. Maybe we should set up a business donating our fat to other peoples backsides, how rewarding! lol! Keep up the good work and you WILL be one of the skinny sisters x